Linkpreneur Academy

Responding to Goal 17 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that underlines the importance of multi-stakeholder partnership, Linkpreneur Academy provides a series of entrepreneurship training for Africans and Asians youth residing in Indonesia that enables them to collaborate and share best practices. The growth of start-up company in Indonesia also shaping economic outlook of Indonesia which demonstrated by consistent growth rate of the annual GDP of Indonesia in throughout years.

International Youth Day 2019: Transforming Education

Statistics remind us that significant transformations are still required to make education systems more inclusive and accessible: (1) Only 10% of people have completed upper secondary education in low income countries; (2) 40% of the global population is not taught in a language they speak or fully understand; and (3) over 75% of secondary school age refugees are out of school. In addition, indigenous youth, young people with disabilities, young women, young people belonging to vulnerable groups or in vulnerable situations, etc are facing additional challenges to access education that respects their diverse needs and abilities as well as reflects and embraces their unique realities and identities.

AAYFO Indonesia IYD 2019

Africa-Asia Youths In Tech & Innovation Meet 2020

Young people have a zeal for technology and innovation that is driving global economies and they represent a formidable workforce due to their energetic abilities.

This is an assemblage of youths making their marks in their various fields of technology and innovation with the youths being the drivers of entrepreneurial growth in the 21st century. This cross-continental tech and innovation meet is organized by the AAYFO center for learning, social enterprise and innovation and its intended to establish a platform to inspire, discover and empower the next generation of innovators from across Africa and Asia in realizing their full potentials.

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Afro-Asia youth voice

The world needs sustainable development. This can only be possible when the determined youths from across the globe collaborate to make it happen. Only the collective shoulders of the youths can withstand the responsibility of developing the world sustainably.
Sabeen Kharel
AAYFO is a unique amalgamation of progressive thinking Asian and African youths collaborating to forge a common goal in stimulating youth cooperation. Its a great platform for youths across Africa and Asia to interact with like minded youths enthusiastic to drive meaningful change.
Ashna Vig
Being a part of AAYFO has given me and every other youth the opportunity to harness value-driven innovative solutions and sustainability through embrace of the 17 SDGs, thus resulting in local and global impact through championing of transformation in Africa, Asia and beyond.
Ehiaghe Esther Ainabe - Director Country Director, Nigeria
Ehiaghe Esther Ainabe
AAYFO has given opportunity to youths from across the two continents to innovatively and creatively unleash their potential. Through AAYFO, I believe the youths can be empowered with skills that will enable them to become more independent, as such; this will lead to sustainable development.
Priscilla Kasongo
Through AAYFO Indonesia, I realize that youth have big roles to realize sustainable development, to carry out a mission of peace by upholding the values ​​of equality, as well as to strengthen the cooperative relationships of youth between nations.
Nur 'Aini Fadhillah - Executive Member, AAYFO Indonesia
Nur 'Aini Fadhillah
Diversity is said to be one of the leading causes of human conflict but AAYFO has shown me that only when diversity is respected and embraced, we can reach the desire unity which generates the very power driving this youth community forward. I believe to make sustainable development within human’s reach, it requires us to foster youth empowerment and give them the chance to show the world how their inclusive power works to help us achieve sustainability. Therefore, the role of youth organization like AAYFO has become even more significant than ever before.
Binh Phuong Nguyen
Binh Nguyen

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Are you a youth body looking to collaborate? You are a cooperate body looking to empower youths at the grassroots as part of your CSR? You are a youth looking to be part of a dynamic youth network, we are happy to hear from you.

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Founded in 2018 by a consensus of youth leaders from Nepal, Uganda, India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, The Gambia, Afghanistan, Ghana, Vietnam and China.

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Ministry of Education & Culture
NutriFood Inspiring Center

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