Yvonne Shumbanhete - Regional Director, Southern Africa
Yvonne Shumbanhete, Regional Director, Southern Africa.

Yvonne Shumbanhete is a Development Practitioner by default. Working with young people she helps the Youth participate in Development work from the grassroots. Yvonne identifies young people with leadership qualities and helps in nurturing their talents in order for them to realize their full potential.

Yvonne is working with Simukaupenye Trust a Youthled Organization in Zimbabwe. Under this organization she has worked directly with young people in Championing the Sustainable Development Goals as a mentor and advisor for youth running grassroots clubs. Yvonne has helped both the organization and young people to mainstream SDGs into their different activities. She is an Enterprenuer in ICT and Tourism. You can expect 100% commitment, discipline and perfection in assignments.

Yvonne is an inspirational Author and uses various media to engage young people and widows. She is an upcoming farmer with a special love for Flora. She loves to research and do data mining for Programming purposes.

Yvonne can be reached via email:

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