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Les Cours de français is a Language Training Program under the purview of Art, Creativity, and Culture Division of the Africa-Asia Youth Foundation Indonesia (AAYFO Indonesia). This program will be organised as part of the implementation of cultural missions aimed at increasing opportunities for establishing cooperation and fostering ties of solidarity between youth in Asia and Africa. According to the BBC (2019), currently around 44% of French users live in Africa and the number is likely to increase to a solid 85% by 2050.

Under this program, AAYFO Indonesia will conduct French classes to hone the language skills of the participants. The basics of the language will be taught via 4 classes to be organised on 7, 14, 22, and 29 March 2020 in Jakarta from 10:00 to 12:00 WIB. Read the link provided below for the details regarding the requirement criteria. http://bit.ly/LesCoursdefrançais1 and if you think you are eligible please register by March 1, 2020 at 8am West Indonesia Time. For your information, the French class will use Indonesia Language as language of instruction.


IYD Indonesia 2019

Transforming Education

“We need collaboration, empathy and teamwork in order to transform education and young people play an important role in creating an agile, sustainable and lifelong education system that addresses the needs of the future”

Victoria Ikiwoge #YouthofUNESCO

Statistics remind us that significant transformations are still required to make education systems more inclusive and accessible: (1) Only 10% of people have completed upper secondary education in low income countries; (2) 40% of the global population is not taught in a language they speak or fully understand; and (3) over 75% of secondary school age refugees are out of school. In addition, indigenous youth, young people with disabilities, young women, young people belonging to vulnerable groups or in vulnerable situations, etc are facing additional challenges to access education that respects their diverse needs and abilities as well as reflects and embraces their unique realities and identities.  

Identifying education critical issue and find its best solution will lead to multiplier effect to other problems, including poverty, inequality, radicalism and extremism, and degradation of the ecosystem. However, it is not easy and needs the world joint-action commitment. Education must never become one country problem, yet all over the world. Furthermore, the commitment of partnership will accelerate education move forward progressively. This commitment also shown by Mr Muhadjir Effendy, Minister of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia by saying, “Indonesia stands ready to contribute to the global

discourse in finding the best possible ways for UNESCO to help create a better world for living”.

Accordingly, in line with the UN Agenda in Sustainable Development Goals and the concentration of the Indonesian government to actively contribute to improving the quality of education, International Youth Day 2019 Celebration took the theme of Fostering African and Asian Youth Cooperation to Make Education More Relevant, Equitable, and Inclusive for all.

Objective and Expected Output

The overall goal of this celebration is to facilitate African and Asian youths to identify the education critical challenge and encourages the solutions to make education more relevant, equitable, and i­nclusive for all.

The expected output at the end of the sessions is to increase the cooperation and collaboration between African and Asian youths in transforming education to be more relevant, equitable, and i­nclusive for all.

Proposed activities

International Youth Day 2019 will be divided into two activities in a single day (proposed August 25th, 2019):

Talk Show Session

The talk show will discuss the essential theme of IYD 2018, specially about fostering African and Asian youth cooperation to make education more relevant, equitable, and inclusive for all. It aims to facilitate conversation and discussion from a different perspective since there will be potential speakers from different sectors. It also encourages the participants to be aware to education challenges faced by Asian and African youths

Workshop Session

After the talk show, participants will be divided into 5 working groups and be encouraged to make action plans to make quality education for all. To help them understanding the critical challenges and find solutions, they will be firstly acknowledged some project tools. Furthermore, during the discussion, each group will be facilitated by two AAYFO Indonesia members.



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National Statement of Prof Dr Muhadjir Effendy, MAP Ministry of Education and Culture The Republic of Indonesia at The 39th Session of the UNESCO General Conference, November 2nd 2017 https://en.unesco.org/sites/default/files/indonesia_gpd_speech_e_39_vr_07.pdf?v=2

International Youth Day 2019: “Transforming Education”, accessed https://www.un.org/development/desa/youth/news/2019/04/iyd-2/


Africa Asia Youth Foundation(AAYFO) is one of the foremost organizations working with young change-makers in Africa and Asia at the grass-roots with strong national and international linkages. With a firm belief in the ideology that empowering the youth is the one-stop solution to most of the problems; AAYFO organized a Youth Townhall at the Nigeria High Commission, New Delhi on 5th February 2020 aimed at fostering and strengthening cooperation amongst youth and other potential stakeholders.

The underlying intent of the event was to strengthen ties of friendship and solidarity between participants and to discern and discuss items on the agenda, ensuring their follow-up at the national and international levels.

The opening ceremony featured a stimulating discussion by Mr. Angad Anand, Country Director (AAYFO) and Mr. Keshav Saini, Continent Director (AAYFO).

It provided an excellent platform to exchange ideas and co-learn through the medium of discussions and workshops on various strands like Education, Poverty, Entrepreneurship, Gender Equality, and Youth Empowerment. These discussions were facilitated by experienced experts who engaged and guided the delegates via unconventional activities and learning methods.  

The event was graced by guest speakers from all spheres of life like –

– Ms. Avigail Spira, Spokesperson, Israel Embassy
– Madam Lestiyani Yuniarsih, Cultural and Education Attache, Indonesian Embassy
– H.E. Mr. Mahesh Sachdev, former Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, presently serving as the President of ‘Eco-Diplomacy and Strategies’​
– Ms. Indrayani Mulay, Deputy Director, Confederation of Indian Industries
– Mr. Nnamdi Ndu, PA to the Nigerian High Commissioner
– Ms. Habiba Hasnah Hermanadi (President, Indonesian students association, New Delhi).

The townhall saw a blend of delegates from diverse cultures, sharing their experiences in a way that encompassed all barriers of race, religion, and colour; breathing an impassioned zeal to transform the society. The brainstorming sessions saw a unique combination of fervour and pragmatism wherein heated discussions upon the causes and consequences of lack of access to education, poverty, and gender inequality were coupled with narrations of heartfelt anecdotes upon the same.

We are grateful to the Nigeria High Commission for hosting us, especially to His Excellency Major General Chris Owushi Eze, The Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of India and His Excellency Dr. Christopher Nwanoro, Minister Counsellor, Nigeria High Commission, New Delhi for guiding and motivating us every step of the way.

We would like to thank – Sharda University, Greater Noida for being our Knowledge Partner and for helping us facilitate the event smoothly. Mr. Anindya Bhanja, Senior Manager, International Relations (Sharda University) summed up the learnings of the townhall through a comprehensive discussion on the importance of each strand. 

It is a known fact that music transcends all barriers cultivated by society. The highlight of the session was witnessing a spectacle in which people from the highest echelons of government to the young changemakers from different countries rejoiced themselves by singing songs reflecting togetherness and hope. Drawing from this ethos of fellowship, we are optimistic that this town hall will ignite the minds of young delegates to propel the storm to create meaningful change for human society.

Read more about the event here