With more than 25000 young Africans staying in India to pursue their higher education, India and Indians not only need to acknowledge their valuable presence but also mutually develop a shared vision for better India-Africa relations. Taking a big step in this direction, Africa- Asia Youth Foundation (AAYFO), a convergence of progressive thinking African and Asian youths agreeing to forge a common goal in fostering youth cooperation between both continents, recently organized an International symposium on “Africa-India Relations: Boosting Ties, Exchanging Values and Leveraging Impact” to mark the launch of its ‘Virtual Research and Innovation Centre’, on November 8, 2019, held at Shyam Lal College, Delhi University. Inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. Christopher Nwanoro, Minister Counsellor, Nigeria High Commission, New Delhi, who has been constantly guiding AAYFO in its various missions and projects.

AAYFO Youth Town Hall 2020

In line with the success of the event, AAYFO is organizing a Youth Town Hall in collaboration with the Nigeria High Commission, New Delhi on February 5th, 2020. The purpose of the event is to develop and strengthen cooperation between youth and other potential stakeholders, to promote the establishment and strengthen ties of friendship and solidarity between participants, to discuss items on the agenda and ensure their follow up at national and international level. This event will act as another step taken by AAYFO to draw on youth experiences with addressing development-related issues in order to identify means through which youth can play a role in the implementation process of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as well as ponder upon the Follow up and Review process. 

To proceed with the same, Mr. Keshav Saini, Continent Director, AAYFO (Asia), Mr. Angad Anand, Country Director, AAYFO (India Chapter), and Ms. Gauri Malhotra, State Director, AAYFO (India Chapter) met His Excellency Dr. Christopher Nwanoro, Minister Counsellor, Nigeria High Commission, New Delhi and he was humble enough to get us a meeting arranged with His Excellency Major General Chris Owushi Eze, The Nigerian Ambassador to the Republic of India.  With this visit, we finalized the proposal of a Youth Town Hall at the High Commission on February 7th, 2020, the team had a constructive discussion with His Excellency on what the Town Hall will focus on and how will it benefit the youths of both the continents. He critically analysed the proposal of the event. We also discussed the prospects of future collaboration with His Excellency and he gave us his fruitful insights into how AAYFO as an Organisation can grow.

We are grateful for all the time he spared for us from his busy schedule, and we look forward to a fruitful Youth Town Hall under his guidance.