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Stiven GANDZIAMI, Country Director
Dr Marc Anselme KAMGA - Country Director

Stiven GANDZIAMI, from Republic of Congo, is a promoter of the BIG DREAM GROUP and Country Director AAYFO-Congo. He is a student researcher in electrical engineering at UNESCO Chair and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications at Marien NGOUABI University, Brazzaville-Congo. Currently, Stiven GANDZIAMI is an Africa Union Young people Volunteer, he’s an Ambassador at the Global Peace Chain, he is also Director Regional and Coordinator at the Nasser Youth Movement in Congo, Coordinator of the Consumer’s rights Association 2000 of Congo. He promotes the peace and Security, the youth empowerment, communication and Consumer’s rights.


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Frédérique Gency MVOUTI BAKALA BOUANGA, Young Congolese people. She is an ingineer in Food Control and Traceability Analysis, studied in Algeria. His training was complemented by various internships, as at the Direction of Quality, Health, Environment (QHSE) in an agrifood industry and, as the Commercial Manager in charge of the distribution of the modem Canal in Congo Brazzaville.

She participated in some voluntary activities as an information officier with the Association of Foreign Student’s Association of the Lamartine School Complex.

Frédérique Gency MVOUTI BAKALA BOUANGA is a Deputy Country Director of AAYFO-CONGO and she wishes to capture the attention of Congolese Youth so that it can develop in the entrepreneurnship sector at the national level. Proud to be African and Congolese. Long live Congo, long live Africa, long live Africa-Asia friendship.


Frédérique Gency MVOUTI BAKALA BOUANGA, Deputy Country Director
Frédérique Gency MVOUTI BAKALA BOUANGA, Deputy Country Director
Nowelvie MOUELE, National Secretary Director
Nowelvie MOUELE, National Secretary

Nowelvie MOUELE, Law student at Marien NGOUABI University in Brazzaville, the capital city of the Republic of Congo. She graduated in Letters, Spanish Language and currently serving as the National Secretary, AAYFO-CONGO.

Nowelvie is devoted to the fight for children’s rights, violence against women and the young mothers empowerment. She thinks the Youth needs support, peace, justice, rights and transparency. By the friendship and the collaboration of the both continents Africa and Asia that AAYFO maintains, she intends to defend the values and African Youth and to enhance the exchanges between the young people of the both countries.

LIELLE OYA Lienel, holds a Master’s degree in Community’s Economy and a Bachelor’s in International Economy in the Republic of Congo.

He followed a training in Accountting in the Accountting JPI’s Cabinet and, At the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), he was an intern before joining a Cabinet of Judicial Officiers as secretary.

LIELLE OYA Lienel is devoted to preserve the environment against harmful human activities and fights against the climate change.



LIELLE OYA Lienel, Programs Director
LIELLE OYA Lienel, Programs Director
Patchia MOUELE, National Finance Director
Patchia MOUELE, National Finance Director

Patchia MOUELE is a Young Congolese Activist, Pastry Chef and Economist. She studies the natural sciences and  she is involved in voluntary activities at national and international level. Patchia MOUELE is a Young girl who fights against women and childrene’s violence, and she promotes the entrepreneurnship and gender issues.

The education of young African people in schools and the women empowerment are also the strong points that motivates an average young Congolese girl.

Patchia MOUELE joined the AAYFO as the National Finance Director.

She strongly believes that collaboration plays a key role in the development of youths especially at the cross-continental level of Africa  and Asia and together, we shall achieve our goals.


Eudes Gaël TSIBA from Republic of Congo, he is a Laboratory Technician, Chemist and Promoter of the Center for Education and Strengthening of Youth Congolese people ‘’CES-YC’’ ‘’JE PEUX’’.

He is involved in the education of young people through awareness campaigns, training workshops, training seminars, symposia and focus groups, because one of these objectives is to restore this youth’s confidence in their capacity : local awareness campaigns and survey studies on commercial products in households in Brazzaville-Congo.

One of the strengths that sets it apart from others is these skills in field of Communication within AAYFO.

 Eudes Gaël TSIBA is the National Director of Communication at AAYFO-CONGO, He is pleased to make his modest contribution to the success of his work in favor of Youth and collaboration between young people from both continents. He likes dance, music and TV series.

Eudes Gaël TSIBA, National Director Of Communication
Eudes Gaël TSIBA, National Director Of Communication
ANDZALA OWAYE Cyntia De Noëlle, Director Of Strategy And Innovation
ANDZALA OWAYE Cyntia De Noëlle, Director Of Strategy And Innovation

ANDZALA OWAYE Cyntia De Noëlle, from Congo and she is an Engineer in Telecommunications. Currently, she evolving in the Optimization Department for a Mobile Phone Compagny in Congo. She still evolving in predominantly male environments.

ANDZALA OWAYE Cyntia De Noëlle fights for the women empowerment and changes the mentality of women with the will and work as a weapon so that they are able to do even more. ANDZALA OWAYE Cyntia De Noëlle is the Director of Strategy and Innovation at AAYFO-CONGO.

Through AAYFO,  she hopes with the contribution of all, to bring young people to become aware of the development objectives of Africa. Whether in the field of health, food, NICT and many others. To create real added values in all areas for real competitiveness on the world market. You can do it all through motivation, training and work. Above all believe in us.

Urch Oldin SITOU BOUANGA, born in Pointe-Noire, Congo. He is an Engineer in Electrical Engineering from Marien NGOUABI University and Promoter-Coordinator of ELECTRO-BAT, and Promoter of the e-market SITOU HABILLEMENT.

Urch Oldin SITOU BOUANGA is devoted to promote the entrepreneurnship and education of young Congolese people. Its main purpose is the defense of vulnerable people. He created the Education Center entitled ‘’INTELLIGENCE N’A PAS D’ÂGE’’

Currently, Urch Oldin SITOU BOUANGA is the Coordinator of the AE-ENSP and he runs awareness and orientation seminars for young people in various fields. Within AAYFO-CONGO, He is Director for Learning, Social Entreprise and Innovation.

Urch Oldin SITOU BOUANGA, Director For Learning, Social Entreprise
Urch Oldin SITOU BOUANGA, Director For Learning, Social Entreprise
MILONGO Manassé Sandrel, National Budget Director
MILONGO Manassé Sandrel, National Budget Director

MILONGO Manassé Sandrel, is a student in Master degree in Finance Bank at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Marien NGOUABI University.

In addition to this University course, he followed training in UN diplomacy supported by the exercice of UN simulations with CINU Brazzaville, and training in exploration for Oil production (MOOC) at IFP in partnership with TOTAL.

This is added a long experience in particular in the collection of data acquired from TNS, KANTAR, TMI and IPSOS compagnies, as well as in banks such as La Congolaise des Banques (LCB) and Banque de l’Amitié Chino-Congolaise (BSCA).

Since 2014, MILONGO Manassé Sandrel has been a member of the UN CIRCLE OF REFLEXION, the aim of which is to promote and popularize the action of the United Nations System towards populations through conferences and simulation exercises.


Monsieur MASSOUEMI Harold Lamoureux, né à Brazzaville et a fait ses études secondaires et universitaires à Pointe-Noire. Il rejoint le Chemin de Fer Congo Océan en 2010 après une formation théorique et pratique à Doloise et revient à Pointe-Noire avec un numéro matricule et occupe le poste d’Aiguilleur à la GPV-Gare Petite Vitesse.

Monsieur MASSOUEMI Harold Lamoureux a assuré différentes fonctions au Chemin de Fer Congo Océan et a occupé les fonctions d’Agent Aiguilleur et Sous-Chef  Triage avant d’animer le Bureau Section des Ressources Humaines. Il s’engage à s’investir aux activités volontaires pour promouvoir les valeurs Culturelles Congolaises et l’accompagnement des jeunes dans la prise des décisions.

Il fait la promotion de la langue Allemande, Italienne et le Russe. Au sein de l’AAYFO-CONGO, Monsieur MASSOUEMI Harold Lamoureux est Directeur National Administratif et Ressources Humaines.


Monsieur MASSOUEMI Harold Lamoureux, Directeur Administratif Et Ressources Humaines
Monsieur MASSOUEMI Harold Lamoureux, Directeur Administratif Et Ressources Humaines

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