Climate change is the most pressing issue faced by the global community at present. However, collective action is yet to be mobilized adequately, and global attitudes towards the issue still lack a sense of urgency. Given that global warming is expected to reach almost 1.5 º C between 2030 – 2052, there is a need to prioritize climate change and make it central to global policy making.

As primary stakeholders of the future, the voice of the youth carries great weight within the discourse on climate change. Therefore, as global citizens and agents of change, the youth is responsible for raising awareness about sustainable practices and providing smarter solutions.  

#MyMunakhStory is an AAYFO initiative heralded by conscious youth from Asia and Africa to engender greater community engagement with the issue of climate change through personal narratives. These stories showcase lived and observed impacts of climate change, and are meant to create awareness and inspire action geared towards sustainability.

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