AAYFO TAnzania

Lightness is management strategist who partners with executives and company stakeholders from a range of organizations, to demonstrate the attributed value of Strategic management functions and the goals it can achieve when integrated into organizational and business structures.
Lightness further facilitates professional development to hundreds of human
resource professionals from the University level particularly students majoring in HR, through various programs at Mzumbe.
Over the course of more than six (6) years dreaming of becoming a well and certified HR professional in Tanzania, Lightness knows what entails a results-driven Human Resource Management. She believes in handling employees in delivering their potential skills for the organization that best connects with people and of a measurable impact, to bring about a desired change or achieving a goal.
Prior and alongside her Executive position at AFRICA-ASIA YOUTH FOUNDATION, Lightness has held executive positions in various places during her schooling life. She was a Head-Girl at Loleza Girls High School in 2014 – 2015.
Lightness volunteered working with CONVOY OF HOPE as a trainee making the vision of Convoy of Hope a reality by encouraging women around the world to realize their value and reach their potential through job training and education.
Lightness is pursuing a Bachelor Degree of Human Resource and Management (BHRM) at Mzumbe University.

Ms. Lightness Makuza, Resource Director - AAYFO Tanzania
Ms. Lightness Makuza, Resource Director
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