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iyd 2019 indonesia

 Jakarta) Sabtu, 24 Agustus 2019, Infradigital Nusantara (IDN) diundang menjadi pembicara dalam memperingati Youth International Day ASIA - AFRICA Conference di Perpustakaan Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan yang diwakili Oleh COO IDN, Indah Maryani.

international Symposium

The Africa -Asia Youth Foundation held an International Symposium on Indo-Africa Relations with the motive of Boosting ties, exchanging values and leveraging ties between both these great continents. This symposium also marked the second international event

iyd 2019 india

AAYFO as an independent organization feels itself accountable to engage in many different activities to promote and protect the implementation of the SDGs within the context of promoting greater understanding, awareness and respect for these goals. In

Youth testimonials

Being a part of AAYFO has given me and every other youth the opportunity to harness value-driven innovative solutions and sustainability through embrace of the 17 SDGs, thus resulting in local and global impact through championing of transformation in Africa, Asia and beyond
Ehiaghe Esther Ainabe, Director - Edo State
Ehiaghe Esther Ainabe
Through AAYFO Indonesia, I realize that youth have big roles to realize sustainable development, to carry out a mission of peace by upholding the values ​​of equality, as well as to strengthen the cooperative relationships of youth between nations.
Nur 'Aini Fadhillah - Executive Member, AAYFO Indonesia
Nur 'Aini Fadhillah Indonesia
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