Responding to Goal 17 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that underlines the importance of multi-stakeholder partnership, Linkpreneur Academy provides a  series of entrepreneurship training for Africans and Asians youth residing in Indonesia that enables them to collaborate and share best practices. The growth of start-up company in Indonesia also shaping economic outlook of Indonesia which demonstrated by consistent growth rate of the annual GDP of Indonesia in throughout years. However, although Indonesia shows stable and promising economic growth, many Indonesians still exclusive to desirable career path due to minimum knowledge and practical skill, resulting many Indonesians living in poverty. More of many reasons why Indonesia still has to improve the quality of its human resources.

Unfortunately, the phenomenon above not only happened in Indonesia. Based on Human Development (IDX), Africa-Asia got more than 70 country with medium to low HDI combined resulting other Asia-Africa developing countries are still lacking the presence of start-up. As for that, the value of transferring knowledge regarding start-up from the actual player whom we called partner is very essential to tackle such an issue.

Throughout the project, the participants are going to be equipped with facilitations and mentoring sessions with the project’s partner as reputable start-up players in Indonesia. The partner guides the participants to finally be able to create their own entrepreneurship project as well as igniting the spirit of being creative and highly skilled as they have accomplished the project programs. Hence, to create more independent, creative, skilled individuals to secure both their own lives and potentially giving more job opportunities, the touch points of the facilitations and mentoring sessions will be Start-up Landscape in Indonesia, Start-up Ecosystem, and Project Development.




  • Reducing inequality through transferring knowledge from reputable, experienced Academician, Civil Society, Entrepreneur as well as ASEAN and US Mission in Jakarta
  • Equipping the participants to undergo and experience mentoring sessions as well as company visits to enhance their entrepreneurship capabilities
  • Facilitating reputable entrepreneurs in Indonesia to give back to the society by transferring their knowledge to the project participants


  • Addressing inequality reduction through transferring knowledge programs
  • Facilitating the needs and aspirations for Africans and Asians residing in Indonesia to establish their entrepreneurship skills and capabilities


Target area:   Greater Jakarta  
Target beneficiaries:   African-Asian Youth Living in Indonesia, aged 18-35  
Selection criteria of workshop participants:   Interest to entrepreneurship Experience in advocating meaningful youth participation and youth-adult partnership;Ability and availability to actively involved in the Community of Practice and Network