Les Cours De

Les Cours de français is a Language Training Program under the purview of Art, Creativity, and Culture Division of the Africa-Asia Youth Foundation Indonesia (AAYFO Indonesia). This program will be organised as part of the implementation of cultural missions aimed at increasing opportunities for establishing cooperation and fostering ties of solidarity between youth in Asia and Africa. According to the BBC (2019), currently around 44% of French users live in Africa and the number is likely to increase to a solid 85% by 2050.

Under this program, AAYFO Indonesia will conduct French classes to hone the language skills of the participants. The basics of the language will be taught via 4 classes to be organised on 7, 14, 22, and 29 March 2020 in Jakarta from 10:00 to 12:00 WIB. Read the link provided below for the details regarding the requirement criteria. http://bit.ly/LesCoursdefrançais1 and if you think you are eligible please register by March 1, 2020 at 8am West Indonesia Time. For your information, the French class will use Indonesia Language as language of instruction.

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