Angad Anand, 22, believes in the visualization of transformation of learners into responsible professionals.

He firmly believes that working at the grassroots across the world holds the key to a treasure, a treasure so magnificent that if understood well, can leverage an enhanced positive impact on all stakeholders associated.

At the ripe age of 20, he was appointed as the Youngest Research Scholar in Finland and in India.

He has worked closely with the Government of Finland, Israel and India on the strands of Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Sustainable Development.

His vision of strengthening Indo-Africa relations speaks about his ethos. He joined the foundation in August 2019 and have been working enthusiastically ever since to promote the cause of the organization.

He is also playing a role of liaison between African Embassies/High Commissions, Asian Embassies, Government Institutions, Education Institutions and Like Minded Non Profits !

To leverage more impact, he initiated the Centre for Social Learning, Innovation and Enterprise for AAYFO.

Angad Anand - Country Director, India
Angad Anand, Country Director
Abdus Samad Ansari
Abdus Samad Ansari

Pursuing BALLB from IP university. Highly passionate about Urdu poetry. Active member of Literature & Dramatics society of college. Have worked earlier with different organisations on projects regarding International Relations & Co-operation.


• Anshaj Gupta
Anshaj Gupta

Currently pursuing B.Com. (Hons.) from Shyam Lal College. With committed and exceptional decision making skills, my career objective is to see myself as a successful person who is mature enough to handle all sorts of responsibilities without relying on others.

Apart from certification in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and Google Analytics by Google, I am trained for leadership under Entrepreneurship Leader Training Programme by Wadhwani Group.

I have secured 2nd position in State Level Business Plan Competition and have competed in National Level Competitions at IIT Bombay and IIM Udaipur. 

With a experience of Leading Entrepreneurship Cell,SLC for more than one year ( still leading ), I am Coordinator for Innovation Cell, SLC and Student Representative for IQAC,SLC. Along with this, I am working on my Start-Up Zorgo ( and 6 other projects.


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Gauri Malhotra

Final year B.A.(Hons.)English student of University of Delhi. A zestful, exuberant crusader of sustainable quality education from the Republic of India who holds firm belief in team work and possesses excellent communication skills. Very passionate, committed, and focussed for entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Goals. She will prove to be an indispensable tool in the integration of the Afro-Asian cultures and therby achieving the goals of AAYFO.

She joined the Entrepreneurship Cell of her college as a Member and within a short span of time achieved the position of a Content Writing Head of the Entrepreneurship Cell and eventually captured the position of the President of the E-cell when she was in the second year of her graduation, and now she is an Advisor to the team in her final year.  Besides this, she is also the Student Representative of the Grievance Committee of her college. While pursuing her graduation she has simultaneously undertaken a number of internships under varied positions, and she represented her college at a number of events viz., Delegate, India-Seychelles Round Table Youth Conference, Yuva Spandana (Team Coordinator), was a Moderator of a Student Panel Discussion in a National Conference recently held in her college, International Winter School Event, etc.  She is the Founder of Project Abhikalpana. She is the Co-Founder of the project Food Fellow, and is working on several such other projects as well.




Currently a final year student from Delhi university, I am passion about research and want to develop sustainable energy ecosystem. Resource management is one other area I am working on. Apart from that I am the content head for my skill development cell and served the Research head for my college Enactus team.

R Vignesh - AAYFO India
R Vignesh
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