COVID-19 Donation Drive

{Coming Out Victorious in Distress}

Africa Asia Youth Foundation in collaboration with 2030 Youth Force-INDIA ( An initiative of UN ASIA-PACIFIC REGIONAL OFFICE) and NavAdhigam


The novel coronavirus is an unfamiliar foe that’s fast reshaping daily routines as schools close and employees work from home, if they have that luxury. The upheaval has many people rushing to meet their own needs by stocking up on supplies for potential quarantines. But certain groups will feel this public health crisis more than others, including older people, workers who can’t call in sick, and people who either can’t pay for quality health care or simply don’t have access to it. Coping with it is no less than fighting a war. Within its resources, the Government is doing all that it can. But the crisis is so big and the need for resources to fight it so huge, that mere Governmental efforts won’t suffice unless citizens come together to support this cause, and help our fellow humans sail through this period of immense hardship.

Keeping this in mind, Africa Asia Youth Organisation has been actively involved in organising a donation drive by converting its Learning Centre at Sahibabad, UP into a Donation Centre. Currently, we are catering to the rationing needs of 22 families which are growing by the day. In order to keep up with the growing demands, we have decided to reach out to our stakeholders and fellow mates to combat this pandemic. 



By donating food items in accordance with our items list. You can order the items via any E-platforms like Big Bazaar, Grofers, Amazon Pantry, etc. and have it directly delivered to our learning center. If you live nearby, you can directly meet the beneficiaries and provide for your donations. Please note that we require the following basic items:
1. Sugar
2. Atta
3. Pulses
4. Rice
5. Oil
6. Rice

Address for office mentioned below


By making a donation through PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, RTGS/NEFT/IMPS. Rationing items would be bought by the AAYFO team from nearby stores and a list with a scanned bill copy of the same would be shared be shared with the donors. This provides for full transparency and helps us maintain our stand on see through policies.

Details mentioned below

We are trying our level best to avoid turning down any family in need because it aches us to see our fellow humans like this. Food, which is an integral necessity, is becoming an uncommon luxury for these families. On behalf of the entire AAYFO team, we request you all to kindly support this humanitarian cause in whichever way possible.

Address of the Center: Ground Floor, Dev Apartment, Raj Bagh, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad {201005}

Money Transfer Details :

PayTM Number: 9990897333 (Angad Anand, Country Director, India, AAYFO)
UPI ID: 9990897333@ybl
For RTGS/NEFT/IMPS, please contact the number above.

e-Mail ID-

Keshav Saini: +91-8527424210
{National Convener, 2030 Youth Force, India}
Angad Anand: +91-9990897333
{Country Director, India and Founder, NavAdhigam}