The Centre for Learning, Enterprise and Innovation is a unit of Africa-Asia Youth Foundation. A knowledge base for research in entrepreneurship and innovation., seeks to educate and encourage entrepreneurial learning among youths, putting into focus the direct relevance to economic sustainability through various workshops, events and short courses on relevant topics affecting business and technology. We seek partnerships with the private sector, policy-makers and other non-governmental organizations committed to economic growth, poverty alleviation and sustainable development growth.


To provide the needed platform for youth sustainable growth through entrepreneurship and innovation.


To discover, inspire and motivate youths with entrepreneurial ideas across Africa and Asia to build the skills and tools necessary to energize sustainable entrepreneurial growth through various measurable approaches.

Proposed Activities

  • Youth to business forum
  • Learn a language
  • Innovation camp
  • Capacity building Workshops

Specific Aims

  • Stimulate new ways to critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Provide incubator and mentor ship support to individuals in the local community.
  • Serve as a virtual research and development center for entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • Emphasize the concept of learning and creating together between African and Asian youths.
  • Be a center for education, training on social innovation, social enterprise and social entrepreneurship.

Our Strategy

The center shall be a space for knowledge exchange and learning for the youths of Africa and Asia where they can jointly work on applied research and projects dealing with new approaches for social progress.

The establishment of the center will be fullfilled after due consultations with relevant stakeholders from our partner academic institutions and government ministries in both Africa and Asia. We shall seek to work with voluntary organizations and social entrepreneurs for social growth of our society.