Applications are now open to suitably qualified candidates for Country Directors. This position seeks to establish a sustainable joint development through youth cooperation while recognizing pragmatic youth leaders across African and Asian countries except Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, India and Nigeria, since we already have chapters in these countries.

If you have what it takes to join a dynamic youth platform, this is for you.


The Africa-Asia Youth Foundation (AAYFO) aims to find pathways to expand cross-continental youth cooperation between African and Asian youths in the areas of cultural exchange, ICT training, Research and development, Education, entrepreneurship and Tourism as a way to chart a sustainable framework towards a stronger Afro-Asia. We believe that with the involvement of youth in every movement of decision making processes to enhance the socio-economic growth of each of the five  regions of Africa and Asia. 

Position Details:

The Africa-Asia Youth Foundation (AAYFO) Country Director will serve as official Representative for AAYFO in his/her country. The Director shall provide technical and leadership to AAYFO Country Team. The primary responsibility of the Country Director is to ensure the success of AAYFO with youth communities at the national level through the implementation of AAYFO’s core objectives. 

Position: Country Directors & Deputy  Duration: 2 Years term (renewable once based on performance ) 

Job type: Voluntary

  • As a Country Director and in collaboration with a core group, you will have the chance to:
  • Create and coordinate activities that will allow you to work toward improving young people’s perception to youth education, cultural inclusion, entrepreneurship and development in the home country.
  • Set up National Chapter/Branch and National Committee.
  • Give appointment to active and talented young people as Youth Ambassadors in every city, state, college and university, who’ll make up local chapter/branch and local committee.
  • Get full scholarship in registration fees for all Africa-Asia Youth Foundation’s continental/international events as Country Director and 70% scholarship as Deputy Country Director(condition apply).
  • Help Young Professionals reach their full potential in their chosen fields by being the voice of Africa-Asia Youth Foundation and representing the Country members of the community at a national, continental and global stage.
  • Work on youth-related issues in own country and link these efforts with regional initiatives.
  • Network and maintain relationships or partnerships with stakeholders and other youth organizations.
  • Connect and get to know other Country Directors and young professionals – not just at the National level but also continental.
  • Represent your home country at AAYFO’s Continental/International events and travel in different countries on behalf of AAYFO.
  • Develop youths skills, knowledge and attitude to take a leadership roles.
  • Share ideas and insights at AAYFO’s events to bring a positive contribution on your respective home country.
  • Motivate other young fellows to be change makers.
  • Discover your voice and realize your ability.
  • Identify own leadership strength on continental level.
  • Understand the importance of credibility and living fundamental values by identifying and trying new approaches needed for growth.
  • Bring an impact through your amazing work.
  • Be part of one of Africa-Asia Youth Foundation, a convergence of progressive thinking young leaders across Africa and Asia working towards sustainable development through youth cooperation.
  • Opportunity to work and connect with professionals, relevant institutions and young people in your country and abroad, while widening your personal and professional network.
  • Certificate of recognition for the completed term of the director role and many title awards.


  • Give a presentation, remarks, and speeches at the country level.
  • Liaison with the government and local authorities to promote AAYFO’s values, mission, and vision.
  • Develop a proactive marketing strategy to ensure that all entities are aware of AAYFO’s activities with the support of Communications Officer and other country team members.
  • Effectively engage in youth community activities, projects, and initiatives.

Team Leadership:

  • AAYFO country team comprises national volunteer officers that will be responsible for facilitation of AAYFO’s activities at country level. The Director is responsible for establishing and leading this team to serve as a cooperative and interactive unit. Team development and leadership is, therefore, an important component of the AAYFO .

Coordination Duties:

  • Actively engage in Fundraising Activities, through strategic partnerships and public engagement activities and initiatives.
  • Coordinate member countries/organizations/Associations accreditation at AAYFO, through assist in connecting youth organizations with AAYFO for registration.
  • Liaison with donors – In close coordination with the Zonal/Regional Director and secretariat, the Director will maintain close cooperation with the donor representatives in the country. She/he will work closely with to develop proposals and secure funding to ensure on-going AAYFO functions.

Communications Duties:

  • Maintain active communication among youth organizations and other interested agencies at national level.
  • Report youth achievements, success stories to the AAYFO Secretariat.
  • Provide annual report about AAYFO country activities, statistics, member organizations.


  • A citizen of any of African/Asian country
  • Undergraduate/Bachelor’s Degree/Masters holder in related field. 
  • Between the ages of 18 – 35
  • Demonstrated self-awareness, leadership and interpersonal skills; Strong human resource management skills including capacity building, coaching and conflict management. 
  • Experience in successfully managing various forms of partnerships with national and international NGOs, etc.
  • Experience in establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with donors and government counterparts
  • Strong representation, influencing and negotiation skills
  • Demonstrated experience in leading strategic and operational planning.
  • Extensive conceptual skills including strategic analysis
  • Must possess the ability to lead and manage program implementation and development, knowledge Management and Learning

Application Process:

  • Interested applicants are required to send a 1-page cover letter and 2-page CV/ Resume Share  Facebook and LinkedIn Profile URL) to using the Ref”Country Director”.

If you have questions, please contact