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Africa-Asia Youth Foundation

Founded in 2018 by a convergence of youth leaders from Nepal, Uganda, India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, The Gambia, Afghanistan, Ghana, Vietnam and China. Africa-Asia Youth Foundation as a dynamic youth network was founded to seek pathways in fostering collaborations between youths of both continents having identified key areas of exchange in Education, Culture, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Entrepreneurship, Research & Development to spur sustainable youth growth in pursuant of the attainment of Agenda 2030.

Considering the critical role young people have in the implementation of sustainable development, we are motivated to deploy resullt driven and measureable approaches to systematically empower youths across Africa and Asia in building their communities as major stakeholders to nation building leveraging SDG 17 to accelerate the implementaion of Agenda 2030 especially at the grassroots. Therefore, the promotion of close cooperation and development amongst youths of both continents is at the core of our set aims and objectives.

As a youth league, we are focusing on bringing local and regional agendas to continental fronts towards building a communication channel between stakeholders of Africa-Asia Youth Foundation member countries, this way we can take actions to support each other in our areas of strength and at the same to promote friendship.

We seek to partner with government bodies to initiate youth driven policies that can help accelerate youth-related objectives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve as a strong support network for youths across Africa and Asia while enabling youth sustainability and promoting friendship

  • Promote culture-oriented communications between youth of both Asia and Africa to further cross-continental solidarity and intercultural appreciation, and inspire a greater mutual understanding in the way of both strengths and problems of respective regions.
  • Afford young people the opportunities to engage in activities for deeper societal involvement, better leadership skills and/or higher technical qualifications.
  • Publicize the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and raise the awareness of the public as a cognitive foundation for possible concrete change to take place. 
  • Encourage actions towards the realization of SDGs, alleviate various problems among the unprivileged communities in both continents by means of providing ICT trainings, teacher trainings, soliciting funds and resources, initiating conferences etc.
Our Story

Diversity is said to be the difference among people, race and culture. It is essential to the survival of our world today. Our collective distinction makes us special as a people. Different way of thought and thinking process is natural and important. It’s what put action and life in our society. However, it is also worthy of note to mention the challenges diversity brings to our fore but it is our resolve at the Africa-Asia Youth Foundation to leverage the strength our diversity presents to us.

It was on this premise, the Africa-Asia Youth Foundation was founded by a convergence of vibrant and exceptional youth leaders from the continents of Africans and Asia after they had witnessed the flag-off event of the Great African Caravan in collaboration with UNESCO. A 200 day travel expedition across 12 African countries by 12 artists from four continents using arts as a medium of expression to re-enforce the philosophy for oneness regardless of our diversity through cross-continental cultural exchange.

For the founding members of Africa-Asia Youth Foundation, it was a great opportunity to learn the importance and the roles culture and diversity plays in our daily struggles as a people and this moment defined re-enforced the need for youth cooperation for sustainable growth in a agreement to foster strong cooperation in cultural exchange, Education, Entrepreneurship and exchange programs.

The founding members held its first general meeting on the 5th of August, 2018. The energy and synergy representatives from both continents displayed was a sign that it was a cooperation that could not wait to take off as they kept churning out creative ideas towards its successful take. immediately they had swung into action dividing themselves into various teams to actualize all paper work.

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