• Anshaj Gupta

Currently pursuing B.Com. (Hons.) from Shyam Lal College. With committed and exceptional decision making skills, my career objective is to see myself as a successful person who is mature enough to handle all sorts of responsibilities without relying on others. 

Apart from certification in Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and Google Analytics by Google, I am trained for leadership under Entrepreneurship Leader Training Programme by Wadhwani Group. I have secured 2nd position in State Level Business Plan Competition and have competed in National Level Competitions at IIT Bombay and IIM Udaipur. 

With a experience of Leading Entrepreneurship Cell,SLC for more than one year ( still leading ), I am Coordinator for Innovation Cell, SLC and Student Representative for IQAC,SLC. Along with this, I am working on my Start-Up Zorgo (www.zorgohelper.com) and 6 other projects.

Africa, being second largest continent, is still considered as a Backward continent due to lack of education, poor economy, rare access to health care, low literacy rate, etc.. AAYFO will help me to do research on all these things, keeping in mind UN Sustainable Development Goals and to come with ideas and frameworks which can help to shape and drive the continent towards success.

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