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Zakaria Ouari, Country Director - Algeria
Zakaria Ouari, Country Director

Zakaria Ouari, has 23 years old, he lives and works in Algeria for private Companies and local Government Agencies, holds a bachelor degree in marketing specialty, he is a Pan Africanist, passionate about promoting the African Brand, an African union youth volunteer, With a fruitful experience in youth leadership, he is someone who will always provide the required level of leadership and guidance needed to ensure that best practice is always followed, he has two years of experience as a marketing assistant with a private company in Algeria, he has extensive commercial knowledge and experience of working in an international environment, Sports is his the second background, he has a six years’ experience with the Algerian football federation as a football referee, he managed between sports and marketing by passing an internship in marketing with CrossFit Algeria, he is a fast learner who can establish credibility with senior players early on in a new Position.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Management. He has 2 years’ professional experience as a Project Manager.
He is a natural leader. He has eventually been promoted to a leadership role in almost every job because I like to help people. he finds co-workers usually come to me with questions or concerns even when he is not in a leadership role because if he does not know the answer, he will at least point them in the right direction. In his last two roles, he was promoted to leadership positions after less than a year with the company.

He is organized. And he really enjoys working with a wide variety of people to achieve a common goal efficiently and realistically. For the last two years, he managed a team of seven people as we worked on four projects simultaneously. Each project fulfilled its responsibilities ahead of schedule.

Doughnou Abdennour - Deputy Country Director, Algeria
Doughnou Abdennour, Deputy Country Director
El Amine el Hadj - Director of Centre for Learning, Social Enterprise & Innovation
El Amine el Hadj, Director of Research, Strategy and Innovation.

As every Algerian on a new era where youth are implicated on finding
solutions to the new world
I’ve been on the last 5 years participating to grow a community where
youth can develop their skills,
working on an IT field but also helping startups to gain visibility and
empower them to raise money and evolve their businesses, that what got
me to like the Digital world who’s the basis of almost all the fields today.
from my study, I have always been a person who loves the new
technology and this pushed me to be ones of the first Google
ambassador in Algeria but also to create groups, clubs and talk circle on
the subjects touching the Tech Nerds like we use to call them, to find
solutions and push others to do same
today traveling is my passion but this never keeps me from the fact that
sharing my experience has to always be a part of my journey.

As a 23 years old, I can understand the youth needs, and I’m determined to add a fingerprint in this great foundation. Starting at age 16, I found that my passion was photography and I’m still enjoying being a videographer nowadays.
As I have been working with multiple charities, I can say that hard work doesn’t bother me, I actually like it.

I am passionate about confronting challenges, and never give up until i arrives at a solution. About my personality, I always keep a positive attitude and I like everything I do to be well-organized.  About my studies, I’m a master student in marking and I’m working hard to be successful in my field. I am eager to learn new things every single day and I really enjoy reading about and learning from success stories. Nowadays I’m a travel lover and I like meeting new people with different cultures every day.

Maghni Riadh - Prgrams Director
Maghni Riadh, Prgrams Director.

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