Africa-asia youth foundation Executive board

Chelvin Ramsamy

Chelvin’s dream is to strive towards realising the SDGs, UN Vision 2030 and AU Agenda 2063, “The Africa We Want”, thus contributing to a better world. At 25, Chelvin has already won many leadership hats.

Passionate about influencing Africa positively, Chelvin co-founded Let’s Glow Organisation to promote educational, environmental and empowerment initiatives. He currently serves as Global Peace Ambassador, Country Representative for both the African Youth for Development Commission (AYDEC) and the Innovation For Empowerment and Development (IFED).

Chelvin Ramsamy, Continent Director - Africa
Continent Director, Africa.
Keshave Saini, founding member - AAYFO
Continent Director, Asia.

Keshav Saini

Former Indian Youth Delegate to Palestine Youth Exchange Program, 2017 sponsored by Youth & Sports Ministry of India. He currently serves as the Director of External Affairs, International Public School for Rural Innovation (IPSFRI). A school in rural part of India to impart knowledge and create change makers through accessible education. An astute proponent of cultural inclusion, he was the Chief India Coordinator of the Great African Caravan, a UNESCO supported project aimed at building cross-continental cultural exchange using arts as a medium, creating change makers to take actions towards Global Goals.

Ivon Shumbanhete

Ivon Shumbanhete is a Development Practitioner by default. Working with young people she helps the Youth participate in Development work from the grassroots. Yvonne identifies young people with leadership qualities and helps in nurturing their talents in order for them to realize their full potential.
Yvonne is working with Simukaupenye Trust a Youth led Organization in Zimbabwe. Under this organization she has worked directly with young people in Championing the Sustainable Development Goals as a mentor and advisor for youth running grassroots clubs.

Yvonne Shumbanhete - Regional Director, Southern Africa
Regional Director, Southern Africa.
Ferga-Aristama - Regional Director, South east Asia
Regional Director, South East Asia

Ferga Aristama

Holds an Associate Degree in Taxation and currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in International Relations from Paramadina University

Joseph B. Malekela

Pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Ethics at the University of Dar Es Salaam. He serves as Youth Champion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Peace Ambassador under Global Peace Foundation Tanzania, General Secretary at Tanzania Students Networking Programme – TSNP.
As a young leader and social change maker, Joseph has been dedicating his time and skills in promotion of peace, advocacy of human rights (especially right to equal access to quality and inclusive education), and creation of awareness on the 2030 Global Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among youths of Tanzania.

Joseph Brighton Malekela - Regional Director, East Africa
Regional Director, East Africa.
Hassan Ghazali, Regional Director - North Africa
Regional Director - North Africa.

Hassan Ghazaly

Hassan Ghazaly is the founder and General coordinator of the African Youth Bureau and he is the Vice President of the Pan African Youth Union for North Africa since 2017 – current.

He is the Executive director of the African Liver Patient Association, and the co-founder of the African Students’ Club at Al-Ahram Canadian University.

Founder of the Pan Africa Summer School 2063 and Nasser Youth Movement. Ghazaly is the founder of BOZOOR -Seeds- project for parallel education, he is also a member of the Committee of African Cultures in the Supreme Council of Culture.

Crispin Baganda

An Engineer, Innovator and an astute promoter of youth inclusion. He was the President of International Students Council, Sharda University, Greater Noida – India.
He is passionately driven by youth engagement for sustainability which has recently birthed a youth center to discover, inspire, teach and empower youths in his immediate and by extension Congo.
He plans to use his office as the AAYFO Regional Director for Central Africa, to ensure that this cross cultural youth engagement to positively impact his region and propel it towards sustainable growth.

Crispin Baganda Ba Zagabe - Regional Director, Central Africa
Regional Director, Central Africa.
Chinedu Jesse Isiagba, Regional Director, West Africa
Regional Director - West Africa.

Chinedu Jesse Isagbah

A Nigerian Lawyer, Published Author and Change agent. He is a 2019 Millennium Fellow and a 2020 Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador. Chinedu is a cerebral volunteer with International, National and local Non-profits like Junior Achievement Nigeria, International Youth Society, YIAGA Africa, Connected Development, Higher Plan initiative, Block Malaria NG etc. In 2015, he founded the Greater Nigeria Initiative, a nonprofit focused on Quality Education(SDG 4) through its Winning All youth initiative and SDG16 through the Tambaya project for public/private sector accountability cum social justice. He was Coordinator of the Public Integrity Club, University of Jo’s for a year plus after which he joined the AAYFO first as state director, then deputy country director(Nigeria). He has numerous academic awards and a member of many professional associations like Young ICCA, ILA etc. He chairs the Advisory board of the Fitzgerald Centre for Policy and project evaluation.

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